Online Marketing with YouTube in the Energy Sector

From my own point of view, there are various ways for energy companies, and in particular waste companies, to use new media, in particular YouTube, for their own advancement and to draw attention to essential business activities.

Above all, youtube has the advantage of creating an emotional point of reference through the video message much more focused on its audience. In addition, the video message allows the viewer to present a face to the company and, for example, to form a social network with business customers.


In order to reach a higher viewer count, it is worthwhile for companies to work directly with successful YouTubers, through various cooperations, and thereby to draw attention to certain products, and secondly, to make advertising for specific products. This only works if the product range presented is closely correlated with the subject matter of the YouTube channels and it is obviously much harder to do in the energy business, but not impossible. Because the energy and waste sectors are embarking on a digital revolution in the coming years, these sectors have much potential.


Here we come to a crucial question: How authentic is the person presenting the material, or the organization presenting the content of the youtube channel, and how the person presenting the material identify him or herself on a personal level with the business and the customer’s goals. But it is also a great opportunity for organizations that can identify with their business model, because many youtube channels give me the impression that they are not. As a result, these channels loose viewers very quickly.


We can not stress enough how important it is for a successful marketing of energy and waste companies on youtube channels to specifically address a particular concern or specific goal of the viewer, ideally it stands in direct relation to the business interests of the company. It is just as important to impart exact knowledge in this area, to convey knowledge, be open-minded, take different perspectives, as detailed as possible, concise in its analysis, and to awaken interest.


It is particularly important to provide some value to the audience. It does make sense to point out how the customer can save energy costs with energy-saving measures, such as the installation of heat storage or cold storage. For example, larger companies marketing smart metering devices often forget that for most viewers the added value of such energy-saving solutions seems rather abstract. Also, the understanding of novelties in the energy sector that promise above all the energy service provider a value added, but not the audience, severely curbs the potential to grow the channel. In many areas of the energy industry, however, viewers also lack the knowledge and understanding of the technical processes and do not want to speculate which solution is the most suitable, or do not wish to invest too much time in understanding the technical conditions and complex processes.


Energy companies often do not understand that youtube is considered a time investment by many viewers, and it is used in a way that allows viewers to acquire the relevant knowledge themselves with the least possible time and non-existent travel costs. It is therefore important to convey a central message right at the beginning of a video, to describe a problem and to establish an emotional connection at the beginning and then to work towards it.


It is equally important to take enough time in a video to reflect on the essential points. it can also happen in between and does not have to be in a strict order. But it is also possible to conduct guest interviews to revue certain topics.

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