The Importance of Online Marketing in the Energy and Waste Industries

There is a growing awareness of the significance of online marketing.

The energy and waste management industry are not well prepared for the changes taking place.


Many companies in the energy sector do not recognize the opportunities offeredo to them in the digital age. To attract customers and generate more sales through different sales channels, you need they need to recruit the right personnel and generate leads. This is time-consuming and initially does not lead to actual revenue growth. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to win new customers through the old sales channels. This restricts further growth.

So many companies in the energy sector could benefit much more from digitalization! Just think about the potential that opens up if your energy business wishes to sell its products on the European market, which is relatively close together geographically-speaking. The combination of sales competence, of selling high-quality German products, logistical proximity to states nearby, a high population density in Western Europe, and the ability to transmit your ideas digitally makes it possible to do a lot more then is presently the case.

Of course, in order to achieve this, the energy business must also slim down some functions that will no longer be needed in the digital age, and this includes making the sales organization the heart of a successful energy company. That was not the case before, mainly because energy companies were not forced to sell their products under pressure from competitors in a regulated market place. Sales was handled differently then it is now, business was more predictable.



Let’s just think about the generation change that is occuring in German-speaking countries which brings about unforeseen challenges to companies in the energy sector. Due to the demographic change in the German-speaking countries, consisting of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we will have fewer consumers who buy goods and services.

Now, one could make the argument that the energy industry is very different from other industries in terms of product marketing, but it is also the case that under competitive pressure being exerted from different directions the need to reinnovate the sales organization has widened significantly, and the need to adapt to the digital age is greater than ever before. Energy companies could use their existing knowledge and apply it to the digital space. They could share their knowledge with market participants and customers in the virtual world. The potential for this is almost inexhaustible on channels like YouTube

In the energy industry, we see a complete reversal where decentralized energy systems replace large, inefficient power plants. This means that larger structures become inefficient and sclerotic. Marketing is stuck in the past. As a result, energy companies are increasingly turning to energy service providers. They can offer better services that address customers in a more targeted manner. This can be done in cooperation with telecommunications providers for specific projects. This is the case when one wants to introduce smart metering. 

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