Review – Clean Energy Investment Trends (Bloomberg, 2017)

I believe Bloomberg has created a very interesting overview, I found it easily-digestable and straight-forward to read. Bloomberg shows in different pictures graphically what are the current trends in the renewable energy industry. In doing so, it quickly becomes apparent what appears to be a downard trend in total investments in that particular industry, but few will recognize this downward trend of investments  that were made in the last years in renewable energies. Fewer and fewer investments are being made in the renewable energies, a general trend from which China is excluded.

It seems to be an irony of fate that China’s growing investments in this area benefit greatly from the technological development of these technologies, these technologies once came from Germany and other countries of the European Union. But now the tide has turned and mass and class are joining each other in China.

As already noted, strong growth in the renewable energy sector is easily recognizable in China. In the field of renewable energy, China is experiencing strong momentum in all areas which also include wind energy, solar energy and biomass. What I have found particularly noteworthy is that China demonstratively supports the industrial production of technical components of that infrastructure, such as solar panels and wind turbines, through regulatory measures that accompany the growth of renewable energies.

In general, there is a certain balance between the individual subfields of this industry, and the solar industry and the wind industry are particularly significant. Paradoxically, investments in western countries have been reduced in precisely these subfield investments in recent years.

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Louw, A. (2018) Clean Energy Investment Trends, 2017. Available at: (Downloaded: 02 01 2019).

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