Nanotechnology in the Sectors of Solar Energy and Energy Storage (International Electrotechnical Commission, 2013)

The report addresses some key concepts when it comes to implementation of nanotechnology in the PV sector and for energy storage, these are:

The rate of innovation

The International Electrotechnical Commission outlines that the rate of innovation is a key determinant how quickly nanotechnologies will be implemented, for example in the case of hydrogen storage.

The rate of publications in scientific journals is also viewed as key determinant how fast nanotechnologies will be implemented in the PV sector and for energy storage.  Research in emerging PV has grown the most. Until very recently, most research in the PV field came from the U.S. and Europe, although China has picked up markedly in the years after this report by the International Electrotechnical Commission was published.

Growth of renewable energy

An important variable that will have a major effect on the actual use of nanotechnologies in the PV market and energy storage is the rate at which renewable energy technologies will grow world-wide. The reason for this is that the scaling effect is an important factor determining how lucrative it will be to use nanotechnologies.

Cost reduction fo renewable energy

As the share of renewable energy in energy production grows, costs will come down and the market for nanotechnologies in the PV sector and energy storage will grow accordingly.

For further reference and to learn more how nanotechnologies will impact two important subfields on the new energy paradigm, please read on:

International Electrotechnical Commission Report

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