Europe’s Oil Rush (Daniele Ganser, 2017) – Chartering New Waters; in the Midst of Energy Turmoil

BOOK REVIEW: Daniele Ganser, a Swiss energy economist, recently wrote one of the most intriguing books concerning German oil imports and  their future outlook.  The book certainly lends itself  to explore German energy markets in more depth. I must say that Daniele has very thoroughly researched current oil and gas use in Europe, and he individuates what are the effects of peak oil upon Swiss and German energy markets. I argued on similar lines in a previous article on peak oil.

A high-level perspective on historical trends in the petroleum industry

Dr. Colin J. Campbell has written the preface, so the laurels he had so long preserved were bestowed to Daniele only. Daniele is really getting into the midst of it all, when he discusses his own analysis that peak oil for conventional hydrocarbons has been reached back in 2006. This implies that we now rely on unconventional hydrocarbons. His criticism is such that statistical agencies and oil producers include these unconventional hydrocarbons under conventional hydrocarbons. This confuscates the whole picture, and makes statistics unreliable. It is well known in the peak oil community that hydrocarbons decline by 4% every year, which means there is an urgency to build up renewable energy.

Target audience

If you are interested in the history of the petroleum industry and foreseeable future trend and fault lines increasingly visible in the oil industry, then that book is ideally suited. It is quite digestable because it tells a story, and flows quite nicely.

It might be less suited to you if you are not particularily interested in Germany and Switzerland. Daniele speculates on some occasions on where future trends will lead us, but I find this gives the book an intuitive dimension.


Ganser D., 2017, Europa im Erdölrausch, 8th edn, Orell Füssli Verlag, Zürich.

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